Limton has worked to combat child labor in the apparel industry since its inception. Our position has not changed: Child labor is an unacceptable practice that violates our Code of Conduct and Human Rights Policy. However, taking a stand on child labor is the easier part of the equation. The more difficult part is creating solutions that not only remediate occurrences, but also help address their underlying causes.

In order to effectively combat child labor, we believe it must be understood in the context in which it occurs. It is one of the most difficult human rights issues to remedy because it is so often driven by systemic development issues related to poverty. Studies show that adolescents who work excessive hours or in hazardous conditions are far less likely to complete their education, which severely curtails their ability to escape poverty. In a very real sense, child labor is both a symptom and a cause of poverty.

Governments, multi-lateral institutions, and non-governmental organizations have all invested in efforts to address this issue, yet the International Labour Organization estimates that there remain over 200 million child laborers in the world today.

Forced Labour
The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that more than 20 million people around the world are forced to work against their free will. This issue has received heightened attention over the past several years due to the innovative and diligent work of non-governmental organizations, governments, multi-lateral organizations, media, and companies.
At Limton, we explicitly prohibit the use of forced labor in the making of our products through our Code of Conduct .

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